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The Charter of Excellence

Awarding objective, multi-criteria certification for each vintage

Certifying criteria

In order to display the Alliance des Récoltants sticker on wine bottles, each winegrower must comply with the quality criteria of the Alliance charter,pass audits, prove their environmental commitments and have each wine tasted by the Sommeliers International jury.

Quality policy

51 certifying criteria

Tasting notes

at least 86 points out of 100

Environmental commitments

Either obtained or in the process of obtaining level 3 HEV certification

Alliance members share the same values of hard work, quality, solidarity, and protecting people and the environment.

In collaboration with

Sommeliers International is a magazine launched in 1990, which is aimed at wine professionals and enthusiasts alike. This bilingual magazine is available in 55 countries and organises group tastings to unearth hidden gems.

Alliance des Récoltants wines target a modern tasting profile in line with consumer trends, while respecting the identity of the terroir and the style of wine sought by winegrowers. Each Alliance des Récoltants wine is tasted by a jury of four sommeliers from the Sommeliers International magazine. The wines are evaluated according to the following criteria: appearance, aromas/bouquet, complexity, acidity, body/tannins, fruitiness, balance, overall harmony/sensations.

A minimum score of 86/100 is required to join the Alliance des Récoltants.

HEV estates

High Environmental Value certification is a comprehensive strategy based on the principles of agroecology. Winegrowers consider every aspect of their estate activities, as well as surrounding natural areas.

HEV certification was established in 2008 to meet the needs expressed at the Grenelle de l’environnement debate and is regulated by the French Ministry of Agriculture.

HEV3 is the highest level of certification and the only one authorised to feature on bottles. It guarantees the strong preservation of biodiversity and limited use of input products.

Alliance members are committed to eco-friendly practices.

Our status as estate owners and winegrowers

Members of the Alliance des Récoltants cultivate their land and produce and bottle their wines at their estate. They are in charge of all stages of the production process to create their own unique style. They are free to manage their vineyards and market their wines as they see fit.

The Alliance des Récoltants